Monday, April 15, 2013

Make Bows for Babies with No Hair

Karo Syrup will hold a little bow on a bald head. Make your bow with a
1 inch template and your own ribbon. Store the Karo Syrup in a medicine syringe so you don't have to deal with the sticky mess! :)

Does your little one have a bit of hair? Wool felt cut in a flower shape with a snap clip sewn inside worked best for us. Stylish Ribbon hot glued on a snap clip or Mini Alligator clip will hold too. If you need extra grip, add silicone no slip grip or a clip grip to the underside.

Bitty Boutique Bows can be attached to an alligator clip or a snap clip when there is more hair.

Crochet Headbands, Fold Over Elastic (FOE) Headbands, Nylon Headbands or Crochet Hats will all stay on a bald babies head too. :)