Monday, June 15, 2009

Pinwheel Bow with a Sally's Clip

Using 7/8" ribbon fold it as shown. Center a jumbo clip on the ribbon. Sew even stittches up the middle of the jumbo clip (Sally's Clip) using upholstery thread with a needle and knotted ends.
*Stitches up the center should be about 1/4" apart and even. If you want the ribbon edges to the back of the bow, stitch on the top of the edges or seam where ribbons touch (as shown). If you want the ribbon edges to point forward on the bow, make the stitch on the backside of the seams.

Back side view of what it looks like sewn up the center.

Remove the jumbo clip, pull thread tight to crease the center of the bow. Tie the threads off on the back of your bow. To finish the bow cut and heat seal the tails straight or with 'v' cut ends.