Friday, January 2, 2015

Make Bows No More

This blog started out as a place to store my links, then a place to help others make accessories without spending a ton of money on useless information. Now it sits, since I Make Bows NO More ;)

The links are still useful. People are still coming here to look for ways to make bows or flowers. I still see ribbon flowers from this site. Yes, I silently cheer when I do! :)

Please excuse the lack of current posts, I am busy raising happy healthy beautiful children who will be adults before I know it.

Best wishes to all. Happy Crafting!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hair Hardware Supplier Spotlight

Ribbon and ALL the supplies you may want for making your own hair clips can be found at Hair-Hardware

They sell Clips, Barrettes, Ribbon, Flowers, Tulle, Headbands, Crochet Hats, Tutus, Cheer Bow Supplies, Fabric, Appliques, Resins, Bottle Caps, Ribbon Slides, Bow Tutorial, No Slip Grip, Felt Shapes, Lining Tape, Tools and have a large selection of free tutorials too!

Etsy Applique Supplier Spotlight
  Check out Cards Corner on Etsy for cute Hair Clip Appliques!

Make Bows for Babies with No Hair

Karo Syrup will hold a little bow on a bald head. Make your bow with a
1 inch template and your own ribbon. Store the Karo Syrup in a medicine syringe so you don't have to deal with the sticky mess! :)

Does your little one have a bit of hair? Wool felt cut in a flower shape with a snap clip sewn inside worked best for us. Stylish Ribbon hot glued on a snap clip or Mini Alligator clip will hold too. If you need extra grip, add silicone no slip grip or a clip grip to the underside.

Bitty Boutique Bows can be attached to an alligator clip or a snap clip when there is more hair.

Crochet Headbands, Fold Over Elastic (FOE) Headbands, Nylon Headbands or Crochet Hats will all stay on a bald babies head too. :)

The Cutting Edge Bow Maker Tool Highlight

Do you hate cutting V or Angled cuts on your bow tails?  I do! I purposely don't make pinwheels because of the tails.  It isn't the tails I dislike, it is the NOT perfect tails I dislike! ;)

The Cutting Edge by NoBow...NoGo! is a tool to perfect all your tail angles.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bow Tutorial Links

Basic Bow Tutorial Links 
Basic Bow
Boutique Bow
Boutique Bow
Boutique Bow Two Colors
Butterfly Bow
Cheer Bows
Cheer Bows
Curly & Marabou Puffs
Flower Clips
Four Ribbon Colors Bow
Funky Loopy Bow
Heat Sealing Technique
 Korker Bow
Korker Bows
Korker Ribbon & Bows
Korker Shamrock Bows
Line Alligator Clips
Line Alligator Clips
Line Hair Clips
Loopy Ribbon Puff Bow
Loopy Bow on Alligator Clip
No Slip Grip Instructions
Pinwheel Bow
Point Loopy Bow
Ponytail Streamers
Ponytail Streamers
Poofy Pom Pom Bows
Ribbon Covered Clips
Ribbon Fusion
Spike Bow
Spike Bow
Spikey Organza Bow
Spikey Pinwheel Bow
Tails Down Bow
Tuxedo Bow
Twisted Bowtique Bow
Two Color Bow

Hair Clip Tutorial Links

Flower Hair Clip Links
Puffy Flower
Round Petals
TipJunkie Links
Silky Flowers
Organza Flowers
Organza Flowers
Satin Flowers
Vintage Flowers
Five Petal Star Flower
Five Round Petals
Hearts in Bloom
Loopy Flower
Petal Flower
Rounded Petal Flower

Bottlecaps and Pendants
Bottlecaps by Gigi 1
Bottlecaps by Gigi 2
Flatten Bottlecaps
How to Flatten Bottlecaps
Scrabble Tile Pendant
Scrabble Tile Pendant
Dog Tag Bling Necklace

Bow Holders
Bow Board
Ballerina Dress Tutu Holder

Ballet Slipper
Calla Lily
Christmas Tree
Hearts in Bloom
Love Bug
Minnie Mouse
Princess Clips
Princess Collection
Raggedy Dolls

Fabric Headband
Fabric Headband
Headband into a Beanie
Nylon Headbands
Pony Fabric Headband
Ribbon Cord Lock Headbands

Bow Making Tools

DIY Template
No Bow...No Go
Ribbon Retreat
Tabby Templates
TNT Templates

Woven Headbands

4 Ribbon
Hair-Hardware Video
Ehow Video

6 Ribbon
Hair-Hardware Video

Other Styles
Military Braid
Military Braid Blog

Other Resources
Babes in Hairland
Beaded Socks
Cute 2 Try Hair Dos
Domestic Diva Ribbon Storage
Girly Do Hairstyles
Girly Things Instructions
Hip Girl Forum
Key Fobs
Ribbon Retreat Blog
She Does Hair
The Artful Crafter

Ribbon Supplier Links

 Solid Ribbon, Double Ruffle Ribbon, Custom Print Ribbon, Ribbon Packs, Ribbon Sales, lots of ribbon from these suppliers!  =)

Artificial Flower Links

There are many more great companies for purchasing flowers.  
Here are a few links to compare with your favorites!  :)

Clip and Barrette Supplier Links

 (listed alphabetically)

Applique Supplier Links

Tulle Supplier Links

A few tulle suppliers to add to your list!
Downtown Crafts

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tutorial Share and Requests

Want to share a free tutorial you love, email us the link

Can't find a tutorial anywhere, email us what you are looking for and we will try to find it.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Beginner's Bow Making Starter Kit

Are you new to bow making? Don't know where to start? Check out this great list of resources by Polka Dot Designs
Bow Making Templates:
• No Bow No Go templates; also called TNT (Top Notch Templates). These are the templates and instructions I have and can attest to their awesomeness:
• Brilliant Bowmaker bow making system. I haven't used this set, but I've heard good things about it:
• DIY templates: (scroll to the bottom of the page)
• Gator Bite:
• Gator Bite Demo Video:
• Sally's Beauty Jumbo Clip:

Useful Tools:
*Heat Sealing Ribbon Ends*
• Woodburner tool: How I Cut & Heat Seal in 1 Step,
Glass Mat to cut ribbon with woodburner tool:
• Lighter:

*Lining Clips*
• High temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks
• Specialty Tapes double-sided tape (OMG, it's awesome!):
Check out hipgirls for group buys
• Sealah double-sided fabric tape

Non-slip product for clippies:
My favorite nonslip method is Duck Hold-It carpet tape: I get mine at Walmart for $8.97/roll.
Video demo that shows how well it works:

Sharp Scissors or a Rotary cutter: rotaryc.jpg
Self-healing cutting mat. You can get these at Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics and Joann. You can see here that prices vary greatly:

A variety of clips and barrette sizes; purchase online or locally at Sally's Beauty Supply.
snap clips:
single prong alligator clip:
double prong alligator clip:
french barrettes:

Starchin' and a bakin' - this method is great for making your bows AWESOME. You can squoosh them, put them in your purse or whatever trauma bows go through and they will spring back to life and not get wrinkled.
Spray your bows with starch of your choice. Sta Flo is the most popular, purchase at WalMart in the laundry department.
Bake bows at 275 degrees for 25 minutes. These variables can vary. I've seen different degrees and minutes posted, but this works for me.
Great tip I've learned is to place your bows in the freezer for a few minutes to set them or just let them cool at room temperature.
You can also spray them once again after you've baked them. I don't, but you may want to.

To sew or not to sew! This is a matter of preference. I tie my bows and I use the Gator Bite. It's worked out great for me, so far.

Sewing Bows:
Upholstery thread or plain waxed Dental Floss
Long Sharp Needles

Video tutorials from
Video tutorials from LookAtMeBaby You Tube Videos

Tutorials from
Here are the tutorials they have:
How To Make A Hair Bow
Stacking Hair Bows
Make A Layered Hair Bow
How To Make Korker Bows
Make A Surrounding Loop For Your Hair Bows
Attaching Barrettes or Clips To Your Hair Bows
Applying A Center Knot To Your Hair Bow
Make Double Loop Toppers
Making Hair Bow Accent Spikes
Easy Pinwheel Bows
Ribbon Woven Headbands
Six Ribbon Woven Headbands
How To Line An Alligator Clip
Make a Beanie Cap
How To Make A Silk Flower Barrette
Tie A Cheerleader Bow

Suppliers I've used:

Check out the original thread by Shelby2000 on
Thank You So Much!!!

Make Hair Bows and More

Make fabric flowers at
Make a military braid for headbands at
Make No Slip Clips at
Make knee high nylons into baby headbands at
Make ribbon flowers at
Make adjustable toggle headbands at